Branding is Like a Fresh Coat of Paint for your business

How we helped Defeo Custom Painting Get the Picture

DeFeo Custom Painting is a premium residential and commercial painting business in Central New York. Their passion and dedication to excellence, quality and detail was inspiring to us. When approaching a rebranding effort, we came to one central question that guided an entirely new way of communicating: “Why do you do what you do?”

The response was something we realized truly made DeFeo Custom Painting different. They didn’t just want to paint, they wanted to help people love the spaces where they live, work and play.  So we leaned into the concept and pointed their brand where it belonged – into the hearts of their customers.

Love the space you’re livin’ in!

An expressive brand to match colorful clients 

DeFeo doesn’t just paint, they help you make the right choices for your space

When it comes to painting, there is a lot to choose from. Paint colors and types abound, and there are many factors that come into play such as light, location, underlying materials and the desired atmosphere.

DeFeo Custom Painting’s market positioning claimed territory in becoming a partner – not just a painter – for helping their customers love the final result. Working with dedicated interior designers and bringing years of experience with a very high bar for quality became the hallmark of the brand.

With this in mind, WMC developed a signature style brand mark intended to create the sense that customers wouldn’t just get a paint job – they’d get a masterpiece.



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From Flat and Monotone to Colorful & Alive

Branding makes all the difference. See it at work below!

Websites are tools for generating leads

Done right, your site drives business

DeFeo Custom Painting’s website needed to be more than just the run-of-the-mill basic solution. It needed to attract new business, answer questions for customers, show an expanded gallery – and ultimately serve as the hub to which all social media and search links could drive prospects to. Check out the live site!

Numbers Don’t Lie – People Loved the New Message!

Within the first year, WMC helped rack up a reach of over 88,000 impressions

People loved the new message: Finally, someone who understood and aligned with the type of atmosphere and quality they wanted for their homes and offices!

Check out some samples below of the posts, ads and promotions WMC created for DeFeo Custom Painting throughout 2020.

We can do it for your business, too!

Digital Ads & Creative Pieces

Getting the Word Out Through Digital, Print & Customer Service