Supporting the Growth & Equity of Historically Marginalized Youth

Through Educational Support & Mentorship

Each fiscal quarter, WMC strives to partner with one Not-for-Profit Organization at no cost to them. In 2020, we enjoyed the great pleasure of working with the leadership of Syracuse’s Building Men Program, an educational organization focused on helping our Black and Brown boys grow into men who take personal responsibility for a high standard of ethics, love of their fellow man and positive lifelong contribution to their communities. It has been an honor to help build an increase in the level of Syracuse City-wide donations, participation and visibility of this great program for the benefit of our youth and their lives.



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The Building Men Program Website

Designed to Tell Their Story and Drive Community Participation

The Building Men Program was well-known among the youth and families it impacted. In an effort to expand this reach and visibility, WMC worked with BMP leadership to expand their web presence, broadcast fundraising events and build a platform that would enable community participation.

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A Massive Increase in Community Donation & Participation

Since the Development of BMP’s Website & Online Presence

Watch the 2020 Annual Breakfast Broadcast

Recorded Live from the WMC Streaming Studio