Medical Health Policy

We strive for a balance of non-descrimination
and workplace health protocol.

Medical Health Policy

While the health of our staff and clients alike are important to us, so is privacy and human rights. We will always comply to the extent law requires our action, until such requirements cause discrimination or loss of liberty. Some things are worse than death. With that in mind, however, we will always do our best to provide a comfortable and public-safety-compliant office environment.



The medical safety policies of this statement apply to our board of advisors, executives, employees and clients, both onsite and offsite while engaging with WMC Intellectual Properties or any of it’s sub-organizations.


Disclosure of Health Information

We still believe it is your right to retain privacy regarding your personal, mental and medical health. No one at any time will be required to prove any health status whatsoever. Health information may be requested, and it is respectful to provide information of any health status that may be detrimental to the continued health of others – but it will never be demanded and no adverse treatment will be levied against another individual. Compliance with our other practices listed below are the most we require at WMC at any given time.

Vaccination Policy

WMC Intellectual Properties, Inc. (DBA: Weapons of Mass Creation® and WMC) is a company which derives the full scope of it’s creative capabilities by the sole and singular root of personal freedom and liberty. This means all people regardless of faith, orientation, gender, affiliation or personal medical decisions. We believe that a person’s decision to place anything in, on or around their body is a matter of deep, personal choice and we will never discriminate based on that choice. As such we do not require vaccination of anyone at our workplace, and would sooner close shop or go full-remote than place another human being in a situation where their best personal choice for their body and health would cause contention about their character. It is depravity to expect otherwise in the opinion of the owner. We do ask all of our employees and visitors to adhere to the best-practices listed here to ensure the health and safety of everyone around them.


General Sick Policy

If you do believe you’ve contracted or have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid, the Flu or any other contagious disease, we require you to cancel any in-person contact and isolate yourself from our team for the recommended duration according to the CDC or any medical doctor.


Mental Health Policy

WMC takes mental health very seriously. You are not required to disclose any details about your mental health. Any member of the WMC team or any Client is guaranteed the right to take time away or to reschedule meetings, work and timelines where it may adversely affect or worsen one’s mental health. We will however require a statement of necessity from a medical or mental health professional treating a member of the WMC team if abuse of this policy becomes apparent and work deadlines begin to suffer repetitively.


Workplace Safety Precautions

The following policies and procedures are required at any workplace or onsite location by members of the WMC Intellectual Properties, Inc. team:

– Daily disinfection of all work surfaces, break rooms and food prep areas.

– Use of a medically approved mask if regular contact within 6 feet of another is expected, until such a time as CDC or medical doctor recommendations exclude the necessity for masks.

– Notification to an executive team member is required upon any suspected contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19. No medical tracing will be required or requested by WMC, however an anonymous announcement by the executive team will be released to all company personnel who have come in contact with the individual to ensure they receive Covid-19 testing.

– Use of masks while onsite may be required upon the announcement of a Covid-19 resurgence or related medical health emergency. WMC will revert to full remote workplace policy if there is an announcement which represents an elevated public health incident.


Safety During Meetings or Onsite Work

As a matter of general practice, WMC will default to remote video conferencing for all meetings unless specifically requested by a client. If an in-person meeting is required, all participants must wear medically approved masks until such a time as CDC or general medical community consensus indicates masks are no longer beneficial in preventing the spread of Covid-19.

All onsite work by members of the WMC team regardless of vaccination status will require the full use of a medically approved mask until such a time as CDC or general medical community consensus indicates masks are no longer beneficial in preventing the spread of Covid-19. Additionally, all staff will be required to sanitize hands upon every contact with a public surface (we’ll provide hand sanitizer).


Medical Discrimination

Medical discrimination is defined by WMC as any disparaging remark, unequal treatment or any applied emotional or psychological pressure to unduly influence a person’s own choices with regard to their own body. Such discrimination will not be tolerated, and are grounds for immediate dismissal, resignation or dissolution of contract. We need money much less than we need humanity, given the current state of the world. Unfair treatment of others will never be tolerated at WMC.



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