WMC Core Values

Unleashed Creativity

We believe that the free thinker and unleashed creative mind is the greatest edge any organization can gain. We also believe balance is the key to cultivating this in the individual lives of everyone who works with WMC. We work very hard, we have an obsession with pushing the limits of inventive thought, and at the same time we respect and cultivate the different needs and lifestyles of our team. We will always strive to create the most competitive benefits, perks, flexibility and positive management in the industry.

Honesty & Integrity

We believe in honesty – in the words that advertise a business, in the story told, in the way a business serves its customers and in the conclusions of thought which drives the culture of an organization. We communicate honestly, we’re up-front when we fall short, we mean what we say and we hold ourselves to the highest standard of forthrightness, responsibility and quality of work. We seek the same qualities in our clients because we know it’s the way they’ll serve their customers.

Perseverance & Courage

Growing a business which will sustain itself long into the future is an exercise in perseverance and courage. This is the way we see the practice of design, marketing and business in general: an ongoing due-diligence, rooted in courageous thought and refined by perseverance. With these qualities, we’ll grow together in: knowing our customers; improving our products and services; augmenting our communications and technologies; and ultimately winning the best customers for our organizations.

Dedication to Adventure

Adventure is exciting. It’s dangerous and it tests you. It’s filled with wonder and it requires allies. Being a creative and technological adventurer is not for the faint of heart – but it promises heights most do not pursue. We strive for the discovery and application of new thoughts, stories, truths, techniques and solutions. We dig for breakthroughs in the quality and delivery of products and services. We’re after the gold underneath the mountain and we’re after it for you – our clients.

Accessibility & Fairness

We believe that creative, web and marketing work should be accessible and scalable. For our small business clients, we strive to keep retainer costs below that of a full-time internal professional. For our medium business customers we work hard to scale at the right pace and an exceptional level of value. For our enterprise level customers, we push the boundaries of production quality at a rate and scale that is right-sized and deeply detailed in scope. In this way, we offer the best cost-to-value ratio possible.

Inclusiveness & Exclusivity

We believe in inclusivity and diversity of people, thought and perspectives. We are all different and none of us are perfect. That’s a great thing! We enjoy exploring everything we can to find the center of truth which reveals itself in courageous thought and discourse. Our clients enjoy a level of exclusivity: we will not serve two clients who are in competition in the same market, and the WMC Team will always consist of accomplished digital professionals with the highest dedication to cutting-edge work.

Work We Do

Work We DoN’T

We Definitely Do This:

  • Branding & Communications
  • Packaging & Print Advertising
  • Digital Advertising & Design
  • Web Design & Online Presence
  • Marketing Platform Integration
  • Content Development & Social Media Management
  • Exceptional Product Photography
  • Cinema Quality Professional Video
  • Project Management & Corporate Events Planning
  • On-Site Blog, Vlog & Livestreaming Studio (Cameras, Lights & Mics)

We Might Do This:

  • Mobile App UX/UI in Collaboration with Developers
  • Very Selective Pro-Bono Work for NFP’s and Community Initiatives
  • Rebuild a Very Large eCommerce Website or Taxonomic Wiki
  • Legal, Medical, Financial & Government Work with Specific Communication Regulations
  • Manage a Large or Long-Term Professional Video Production
  • Design & Integrate Your Physical or Digital Tradeshow Booth

We Won't Do This:

  • Political Work (Let’s be honest, we’re all sick of it)
  • Work that Defames a Competitor
  • Fix Your Computer
  • Inherit and Maintain a Website Not Built in WordPress or HubSpot CMS (We will refer you to an outstanding provider, however)
  • Expand a Scope of Work Without Renegotiation & Terms
  • Design a Cheap Business Card (Outside of a Branding Project)
  • Keep a Bad Relationship Going