Think your brand is just a logo?

We can create a fantastic logo for your business… but a that’s a small part of what constitutes an effective and comprehensive brand. There is a lot more that goes into creating an engaging experience that turns strangers into repeat-customers, and customers into raving fans and advocates. This is the ultimate goal – to create an outstanding product or service, deliver an exceptional experience time and time again, and only then can a visual style tell your story and create recall for those customers every time you interact with them.


Create an experience and your brand will explode

Phase 1: Discovery

Without the discovery process, creative work can be a crapshoot at best. Your business success is all about your customers’ satisfaction, so we’ll help you understand your roots, your purpose, your mission and your customers first. From that point, we can uncover the story that’s important to your customers – and every part of your brand will align that story with the products and services you sell.


Once we’ve discovered your roots and your customers’ needs – we can go about giving both your ideal customer and your business some real personality. We’ll combine both of those things into a brand development processes that will leave you with a logo you’re proud of and one your customers can stand behind. But the work doesn’t stop there! A brand is only as strong as it’s integrity of service, method of communication and consistency in both message and performance.


A visual identity doesn’t just do all the work for you – it must be applied in a way where your customers recall how you made them feel when they interacted with your business. Applying your brand in excellent fashion is the backbone of creating a raving-fan culture. It’s how your customers become your best advertisers. Create an excellent first impression, an even better repeat impression, and follow it up by indicating that your brand mark embodies that experience time and time again. They’ll learn to remember how you made them feel every time they see your name show up in your media.