Root – Health Management

Digital Health Management Suite

Root is a digital health management platform specifically designed and engineered to create an IoT (Internet of Things) environment in your home. The package comes with an IoT gateway that wirelessly connects any Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled health management device such as weight and BMI scales, blood oximeters, blood glucose monitors, wrist-worn heart rate and activity monitors and more.

Import your device data directly to your profile

The data gathered from those devices populate your online Root profile, and are applied to a comprehensive health metrics dashboard that gives you a cumulative update on your progress towards your health goals.

Your health management dashboard and app suite

Your health can take root when your data is accessible from anywhere you are. Various applications were developed within the platform to help you manage not only your physical health metrics but your diet, activity, water intake, medication schedules and more. With an integrated coaching platform, you can connect directly to a health coach to help you make the best choices for your progress towards wellness.