Our aim is to become a haven for creatives.

Whether you’re looking for a full-time gig, a part time job, or just want to make youself available for incoming design, illustration, media or editorial work – drop us a line. We’ll reach out when there’s something that matches!

Additionally, check here often for our next professional mixer dates at the studio! We’re all about meeting other creatives and seeing if there’s a great chemistry for cooperative creation.


Some of the needs we’re currently looking to fill:

– Quarterly Accountant – We’ll drop you a check to come in for a few hours each month and take care of our books. All our receipts and invoices are neatly organized and ready to drop into QBO.

– Administrative Assistant – We need someone to answer phones and emails, make those annoying “please hold for 2 hours” calls to Verizon and National Grid, run to the store and set up for Taco Tuesday, and generally be an awesome caretaker and present personality of the office space here at WMC.

– WordPress Web Builder – You don’t necessarily have to have awesome dev chops… typically this position has more to do with design and content writing than it has to do with custom coding. We need someone who can rapidly put together nice WordPress page compositions, written content¬† and design assets.

– Junior Designer – We’re looking for a designer who is self-motivated, focused and has a solid mix of childlike creativity and adult diligence. Creative Director and Senior Designer would provide key visuals to Junior Designer for use in derivative web, print and media works. Must show fine competence with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and demonstrate knowledge of appropriate formats for deliverables. Experience working with Sketch for web mockups is a huge plus. We can you teach everything else.

– Social Influencer – Are you a magnetic personality that loves life and exploring places, people and things? We’ll send you all over the place and never require scheduled hours. We want you to own and wear the WMC all over various social media platforms. WMC stands for Weapons of Mass Creation. Think that’s awesome? Have a passion for meeting and celebrating other creatives? Want to explore every event, business, group of people and location of interest with your phone-in-hand recording and selfie-ing for us? We’ll pay you to do it!

Sound like you? Drop us a line!

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